New Richmond Running Club

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Quote of the Week

"Forward is a Pace"

-Overheard on the run

Picture of the Week

Good Neighbor Days

A smaller but good turnout for this seasoned race with new race direction. Congratulations to all that made it out to run the hills in Robert's! 

Results here! 

In The News

Are you finding a race? Are you out and running?

Please send your photos and any interesting stories about your experiences, solo runs or good places to be outside during this pandemic! We will feature your stories in upcoming newsletters and you will win NRRC gear! 


Grandmas Virtual finishers your t-shirts and medals are in the mail!


Barron's Lyndon Ellefson Memorial is now a 5K trail run or virtual distances!


Willow River Trail Challenge has been giving the green light to have the race as long as they follow specific protocols!


Running During Covid-19


The Wisconsin ATV Association and other local ATV clubs are coming for your local trails and they are winning! Local trails are being lost and more trail fate is being decided by people that don't run bike or hike or even use the trail system and the DNR could care less except for revenues. The Gandy Dancer and Stower Trail are next on the chopping block. 

Siren's Freedom 5K

Virtual Grandmas / Stower Trail Run