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Runners Quick Tip

Fix your diet and you will fix many hidden running problems

Sign of the Week

Video of the week
Chequamegan Fat 40

Twin Cities Marathon
Week #15
Sep 17 - Sep 23

Monday            Cross Train
Tuesday                 5 Miles
Wednesday            10 Miles
Thursday                5 Miles
Friday                      Rest
Saturday                10  Miles
Sunday                  20 Miles
Race Times vs Weight Loss

Hydration Guideline for Runners


Three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes. Water is usually fine. For a tough run over 30 minutes, consider a sports drink to give you a kick of energy at the end.


Three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes. A sports drink with carbs and electrolytes will replenish sodium. Prefer gels? Chase them with water to avoid sugar overload.


Drink three to six ounces of sports drink every 15 minutes, after which use thirst as your main guide (drinking more if you're thirsty and less if you're not).


Replace fluids, drinking enough so you have to use the bathroom within 60 to 90 minutes postrun. Usually eight to 24 ounces is fine, but it varies based on running conditions.

The Centre

Facility Hours:

Monday - Thursday 4:45 - 10:00

Friday     4:45 - 8:00

Saturday 7:00 - 8:00

Sunday   7:00 - 8:00

Welcome Runners!

Quote of the Week

"Waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle"
-The Pegster

Picture of the Week

Med City Half

Joy has a great day breaking a barrier she has been chasing for years! 

She ran a 1:29 for the AG win and placing 9th overall and 5th female!


In The News

Kipchoge Breaks the Marathon record in 2:01:39
(That's an AVG 4:38 per mile)
Des Linden wins Rock N Roll Philadelphia on route to New York
*editors note. let the qualified runners run and the charity runners take a seat
Steph is featured on the Cover of Midwest Events Magazine!
Rem, Brick and Jeremy Race the Cheq 40
Heebink does the 10 and Brickette does the 20 at Bear Water!

Superior 100

Rutabaga Run

Gopher To Badger

Stower Trail Half Marathon